A Piece of the P2P Payments Pie

Making Sense of the Ever-Changing P2P Landscape: Where To From Here?

Person-to-person. Peer-to-peer. Pal-to-pal. Define it as you will. P2P payments are taking the world by storm, and while Generation Z is the demographic cohort expecting the most significant four-year increase between 2022 and 2026, “Zoomers” can’t take all the credit for the P2P surge. The need to send money to family and friends quickly and easily is generationally agnostic. In other words, it’s not a young people thing. It’s an all people thing.

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Real-Time Networks: What’s the difference between them?

Picture this. You’re out to dinner with a group of three friends. The bill is delivered to the table, and you offer to pick up the check. “No need to treat,” one friend exclaims! “I’m happy to send a Venmo,” proclaims another. Within seconds, you have three payments hitting your Venmo account. Feels pretty darn real-time, doesn’t it? Sorry to disappoint, but while they may be fast, Venmo payments are not real-time payments.

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